Weekend Recap: May 14th 2017

First off, let me wish all of the mamas out there a very happy Mothers Day.

This was my first and I must say our weekend was pretty darn close to perfect.


Brynne and I went shopping and ran errands. I bought two pairs of shoes from DSW, utilizing both the clearance rack and two coupons, for $30. I saved $160! Major score!

We had baked tilapia for dinner…..super easy weeknight recipe that never fails. It’s always delicious. (Check out the recipe


Glen picked up extra hours at work, so Brynne and I had girls’ time. I decided to check out the Scituate Farmer’s Market for their opening weekend. At the same time, another vendor fair was going on across the street. Hopefully it’s just early days, there were only a handful of stalls open this weekend. Still, it was a great time. I picked up some kebab meat from a local beef vendor out of Foster, RI and I also got some lovely tea tree body butter from Travis Family Farm. It does a wonderful job of clearing up B’s baby acne.

I’m telling you, this stuff is magic. I’m kicking myself for not taking before and after pics. It’s powerful enough to make a difference in a day, but mild enough to safely use on a two month old. Can’t go wrong.

Glen and I went over to his sister’s house in celebration of mothers day Saturday evening. It was great to spend time with Erin and Jeff, plus Brynne got some quality cousin time in with their daughter Kennedy. She’s three years old, and it was adorable to watch her with B.

We had a “cookout” of sorts, despite rainy weather….I made a garden salad and the easiest tortellini salad ever. I usually throw some cucumbers and cherry tomatoes in as well but didn’t because Jeff, Glen’s brother-in-law, doesn’t do veggies. This is seriously all you need:

  • cooked cheese tortellini
  • Italian dressing of choice
  • salami and provolone, from your delusional counter, two or three 1/4″ thick slices cut into cubes
  • Optional: olives, marinated artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, or fresh cucumbers and tomatoes

Simply dice up the salami, provolone, and veggies as desired. Mix with pasta and Italian dressing. Done!

When we got home, we were still kind of hungry, so we ordered takeout sushi from Sakura. 20 minutes later Glen and I were curled up on the couch with spicy crab maki for him and the South Beach maki for me. Gotta love Grubhub.


Bliss! (with the exception of a baby who didn’t want to go to bed just yet…) Oh well. She finally cashed out around 10 pm. Not too shabby.


I was rewarded Sunday morning with a late sleep in. Brynne and I woke up for a feed around 7 or so and then we snuggled up and went back to bed until almost 10 am. Now that was an awesome Mothers Day gift!

We cleaned the house, ran a couple errands and then had lunch at the new Harry’s location in Lincoln. It’s literally 5 minutes from us! I can’t tell you how stoked we were to find out they were opening right down the street.

I’m borrowing this picture from online, as I took a bite before I thought to snap a pic. (As usual)

Brynne was awesome. She sat on my lap the whole time and just observed everything around her. She didn’t start to get fussy until the check came, and she was due for her lunch anyways. Perfect timing. Harry’s might seem a funny place to take portrait pictures, but the light from the window was too good not to use. Besides…we love our Harry’s burgers! 

The three of us spent the rest of Sunday on the couch. It was pouring outside. Glen and Brynne napped. I watched Love Actually. We made shrimp stir fry (shrimp, frozen stir fry veggies, and cooked quinoa) for dinner using my favorite teriyaki marinade recipe. Delicious.

Absolutely lovely weekend with my family, I couldn’t be any happier, or feel any more blessed than I do right now.


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